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May 10th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Yesterday, a couple of guys from work and I went for a ride on our bikes. Starting out at 06:30, I didn’t get back to Fresno until after 19:30. Long day, but did it fly by…

‘Twas a beautiful day. Temps started out in the low sixties, and as we made our way up into the mountains, it was much cooler. Can’t say that it was a totally cloudless day, but they weren’t too numerous, and they sure didn’t like hanging out together.

Hooked up for breakfast in Oakhurst, and headed on up to Yosemite. Glacier Point road was open, so we made that our first destination.

Snow. Feets of snow. I were happy.

Here’s a pic taken along the way…

Sentinel Dome in the dark


The waterfalls were going at their fullest…

Sentinel Dome in the dark


And Half Dome, with its last bit of snow cap…

Sentinel Dome in the dark


After Yosemite, we headed home by way of Mariposa… what an awesome ride. Road was great, excepting the bit that was buried under a landslide…

Sentinel Dome in the dark


Stopped at Happy Burger, in Mariposa, for supper. We sat outside, and enjoyed some kickass chow. I just got a bacon cheeseburger, the best in a looooooooong time, but the Phillie cheese steak sammidge that one of the guys got looked incredible, and the nachos that the other guy ordered were freaking huge. Afterward, we headed on back to mighty Fresberg.

An awesome ride, and an incredible day that was spoiled by only one thing…

My camera went Saul…

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  • 1 Tammi // May 10, 2009 at 8:53 am

    Sounds like a great day…..oh, and I owe you another folder of pics. My bad…forgot I didn’t send them yet.

    The pics are so “you”. And yes, that’s open for interpretation. 😉

    Sorry about the camera, but damn I’m jealous of that ride…

  • 2 sticks // May 10, 2009 at 10:12 am

    I’d send you my camera. But, it takes pictures just as well as yours. That happens when it’s dropped while going 60 MPH on a Harley.

    The trip sounds spectacular. So, much better than the scenery in Florida.

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